How does aluminum weather?

Aluminum does not contain iron, therefore it cannot rust. Aluminum does not absorb water, thus it cannot decay or mold. Aluminum does not crack and is not susceptible to insects.

Do you have to paint periodically?

Our products are powder coated, which is one of the most durable finishes available. Powder-coating is part paint and part polyester sealer/resin. Powder-coated products go through a baking oven at high temperatures which allow the melted powder to fuse with the aluminum and create a hard weather-resistant finish.

Is aluminum expensive?

The direct answer is yes. For the small difference in cost, Aluminum is unlike any other building product. How many maintenance free wooden decks have you seen? Wood requires constant annual maintenance. Rotting deck boards, sealing or repainting needed, insect damage or twisting or splitting boards. Composite materials are not much better than wood in the sense that after a few years they really show their age. In our Canadian climate even Olefin (most common Composite Deck material) will start to become faded, brittle, and simply no longer be maintenance free. Aluminum is truly maintenance free and we’ll back it up with our 25 year warranty.

Does aluminum get hot in the summer?

In today’s environment our ozone is getting thinner and the Ultra Violet rays are becoming more extreme every year. Aluminum is used in virtually every industry as a heat sink (computer chips, vehicle radiators, etc.). Aluminum has the ability to absorb a lot of heat while remaining cool to the touch. Even though aluminum is a metal, it’s very comparable to other building materials. The biggest advantage is aluminum does not distort from temperature changes. Your product will stay straight and true for its entire life.

Is an aluminum deck slippery when wet?

Because of our patented aluminum extrusion, as well as the type of paint finish that we apply, our decking is not slippery when wet . The powder-coat finish is a satin finish not a gloss finish, which helps maintain that non-skid surface. We also carry a full line of Fiberglass decks and stairs, available in 14 different colors and are a perfect fit for the pool area and your waterfront property needs.