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• In-House Drafting & Design

• Acoustic Sound Enclosures

• 10' Brake Press &         Shearing Capabilities

• Welding and Mobile Welding

• Cladding Fabrication & Installation

• Laser Cutting & Water Jetting

• Full Size Paint Booth

• Steel Envelope Installation

• Structural Steel Erection




With a wide variety of materials and designs, siding is becoming a more and more affordable option for those individuals looking to give their home or office a new or updated look

Cladding & Flashing
Cladding - Learn More

It's easy to add lasting value and curb-appeal to your home or business by upgrading the exterior.  Revitalize your home or commercial building with a facelift and modernize your façade to create an inviting appearance.  With our 10' brake and shear capabilities, we can produce a number of custom flashing profiles to suit your project's specific needs.
As residents of Kingston, and the surrounding area, we are also exposed to Lakefront weather effects including high winds, rain, sleet, snow, and everything in between.  It's important to protect your property against the elements.


Installation of the steel envelope on the ILS building at CFB Kingston, ON

Cladding Gallery
Structural Steel



Specializing in structural steel erection and on-site welding

Whether you are adding on an addition to your home, removing walls and require a structural beam for support, or require a steel structure for your commercial construction project, we are here to help!

We offer in-house drafting & designing. By modeling the environment in which your product will reside, we can ensure a perfect fit. As well it gives us the ability to fabricate products modular for ease of transport and installation.

Structural learn more
DKS Design - Structural Steel - Gan Town Hall

Fabrication and installation of the structural steel for the addition to the town hall in Gananoque, ON

Structural Gallery
Miscellaneous Metals


Whether you're looking for help with these or any other custom-made product, we are here to help. 

At DKS Design we have been designing, fabricating, and installing all types of products for both 
new construction and the retrofitting and upgrading of existing facilities.

Railings, Handrails, Guardrails
Custom Signage
Commercial Grease Ducts
Estate Gates, Commercial Gates
Vehicle Racks
Metal Retaining Walls
Steel Stairs, Stringers
Mezzanines, Support Beams
Roof Access Ladders and Hatches

Equipment Screens and Guards

Misc Learn more
Misc Metals Gallery

Stainless steel and corten steel
'Horse and Cart'
at Victoria Park in Kingston, ON


Acoustic Enclosures
AE Learn More

DKS Design Inc is the proud fabricator of acoustic enclosures exclusively for TRA Acoustics Ltd.


need something specific for your next project?

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