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Marshalls - Ottawa Parapet 2016

Structural Steel 
& Miscellaneous Metals

Whether you are adding on an addition to your home, removing walls and require a structural beam for support, or require a steel structure for your commercial construction project, we are here to help! 

Associated Services; 



We offer in-house drafting and design - By modeling the environment in which your product will reside, we can ensure a perfect fit. In house design provides us with the ability to fabricate products modular for ease of transport and installation if necessary. It also gives us the ability to create drawings requiring an engineer stamp.

Our abilities in regards to miscellaneous metals is rather impressive. Taking on and completing the more challenging projects is something we excel in. 

Project types we have completed;







Browse our galleries to see the range of our projects

• Handrails / Guardrails / Juliette Rails
• Commercial Grease Ducts / Range Hoods
• Estate Gates / Commercial Gates
• Vehicle Racks
• Custom Signage / Art Projects

• RTU Frames / Lintels

• Steel Retaining Wall
• Steel Stairs / Stringers
• Mezzanines / Support Beams
• Roof Access Ladders and Hatches
• Equipment Screens and Guards
• So many more


•in-house drafting and design
•welding and mobile welding
•full size paint booth


•laser cutting and water jetting
•structural steel erection
•10' brake and shear capabilities


Structural Gallery

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Misc Metals Gallery

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